Web Design ,Development and Optimization.

Web design and development is our core agenda. We have massive experience in web design having developed several websites for different brands.

Key to our websites

Our websites have a bare minimum that defines them and sets them apart.


We create websites that are responsive on different devices, be it phones, PCs and different browsers. We ensure an awesome browsing experience


We optimize CSS, JS, Images, Google fonts and more making the websites fast. Additionally our hosting providers provide fast access servers with maximum load capacities


Our websites are beautifully and creatively designed to ensure an unmatched browsing experiencing while prompting call to actions.

Bare minimums for our websites

Our websites come with the following features

Customized Emails

Our websites come with customized emails with the number depending on the package paid for and the space allocation requested


Our websites come with free basic Search engine optimization and web optimization. If you also want advanced optimization, we are always ready at a fee.


We understand the importance of web security in building client confidence and that’s why our websites come with secure domain names and SSL Certificates.


We have free support for all our websites for the first three months. This includes training, support and even management.

Web Categories

Our websites categories

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Blog/ Portfolio

A basic website focusing on an individual’s life, achievements, goals or motivation. This could also be a personal website with simple posts and comment options for clients. This is the most basic of our web categories. This package comes with basic optimization, SSL certificate, Limited customized emails , support and training

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Basic Websites

Basic  websites are simple small business websites with 5-7 pages usually capturing the Home Page, About Us, Products/Services and Contacts. 

Basic websites are for companies that want to establish an online identity but with no much transactions such as E-commerce or bookings. Basic Websites cut across all businesses.

This package comes with basic optimization, SSL certificate,  customized emails , support and training.

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Small Business Websites

Under this category, these are websites that cater for businesses that want to establish an online presence but also attract some considerable transactions online such as purchases and bookings. However, businesses under this category do not have embedded online payment systems or automated notification systems such as SMS and PUSH. Most MSMES fall under this category. This option comes with customize emails, SSL Certificate, Support and training . 

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Fully Functional E-Commerce Websites

Websites under these category are of businesses that have a significant transaction rate and need online transaction systems such as payments, bookings, PUSH notifications, SMS notifications alongside all the other features of a fully functional site. These sites fall under the category of automated e-commerce, booking/ reservation system, Tours and travel. Under this category, we provide free customized emails, Optimization, SSL Certificate, Support and Training

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Institutonal Websites

Under this category, these websites fit institutions, organizations, government  corporations with a significant amount of web needs. 

However under this category, the websites are subdivided into the basic and advanced. The basic websites only cover the package under basic websites but for institutions. The advanced  package comes with HRM/CRM portals.

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Tours Travel/ Event Websites

These are also categorized into basic and advanced options. The basic options cater for small tour companies who need an online presence with limited online transactions.

The advanced option has embedded  bookings and payment systems similar to the fully functional E-Commerce websites.

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Limited Duration Websites

We also offer websites for a limited time . Under this category, websites  may be those of one time events, bookings, admissions or program. Duration may be between a week to several months

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Gaming Websites

Advanced gaming websites,  with varies options and programmed systems. These sites come with fully integrated payment systems.

Existing Websites

Web Metrics Analysis & Optimization

For existing websites , we also do analysis for metrics, and issue reports and suggestions for improvement.

Web rankings

We analyze websites against similar websites in the specific field and generate rankings which will guide in decision making.

Web Metrics

We analyze web performance on key aspects tat enhance rankings.

Web Revamping

We revamp existing websites, provide an alternative outlook.

Web Optimization

We optimize existing websites, improve performance, loading time and response time

Our Websites

Check out what we have done for others

Merry and memories is a Tours and Travel Company that seeks to transform travel dreams into actual memories. They envision linking you to your travel dreams affordably

This website is a tours and travel website with integrated bookings feature, interactive gallery, blog, contact pages, live chat and Tour/Event listing

Shamba Nexus is a social enterprise that provides farmers with a platform through which they can access the market and get fair prices for their goods. They strive to address post harvest losses and streamline the supply chain for the local farmers as well as address SDG 1 AND SDG 2

The Shamba Nexus website is a fully functional Multivendor/ Ecommerce website. This website allows clients to create their own shops and sell on the main ecommerce platform on approval by the store owner.

Agricultural Development Corporation is a Government Parastatal which was established in 1965 through an act of parliament to facilitate Land transfer from European settlers to locals following the country’s independence. It was also to be a stabilizing factor to assist in maintaining good quality livestock and continuity of the breeding programs in select farms.

The ADC website encompasses a full institutional website with E-commerce functionalities. The Website also has job listings,  is compliant with web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG), Live Chat, is translated to over 50 languages and is optimized.

Prof Shadrack Jirma Foundation is a foundation established by the scholar

The website is a basic portfolio with basic a profile of the scholar, resume which is downloadable and contacts

Natural Nourishment advocates for healthy living through natural remedies which entails herbal medicine and nutritious healthy meals that helps promote good health to people.

The website is an E-commerce website with booking or reservation system for consultation. The website sells physical products and downloadable products such as recipes


AGDECO SACCO is the best SACCO in Kenya with over 29 years in existence and 7 branches countrywide. They offer financial solutions to the business community, Corporates, ADC /AGDECO employees and their spouses/children..

The AGDECO SACCO website is an all in one website giving details of all their operations, contacts and downloadable forms for all their products/ Services

Orbit Capital is a micro-lending company  that provides micro lending and mortgage loan services to individuals, small businesses, and individual suppliers.

The website is an online front listing their services and offering access to those services


The Dada EPZ website is a multipage website with various products and details on offer. The website includes booking and WhatsApp communication integrations

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