Managed Communication

We manage communication for brands. We provide solutions for brands seeking to have their Communication Channels managed by professionals.  From Social Media Management, Formulation of Communication Policies, Communication Strategies and feedback handling. At a reasonable yearly price , we draft communication strategies for your brand, manage your social media pages , design graphics for communication ranging from flyers, posters and newsletters. We also give you timely insights on performance and recommendations while collecting feedback and channeling it to you.

Our Managed Communication Plan

Our yearly communication plan caters for all your communication needs without you having to worry. All you do is provide an idea and we actualize it


We analyze your existing communication plans ranging from conventional to Social media plans

Plan Development

We develop a plan based on your pitfalls and need. The plan will provide a complete strategy based on your goals and objectives.


Upon reaching an agreement, we implement the plan according to your objectives and goals. We give you timely reports , feedback and projections according to your budget.

What The Managed Communication Plan Entails

You can pick one that suits you or have the entire plan.

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Analysis/ Metrics

We analyze your communication plans/ Performance based on your objectives and target market. We then generate a report which is presented for deliberations and formation of new objectives with clear achievables within specific durations and budget.

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Plans/ Strategies

Drafting of communication plans/ Strategies based on the  set objectives and timelines anchored on the budget. This plan will then be the referent point towards achieving  set goals with commitment from all parties critical to the implementation and success of the plan

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Social Media /Web Management

We manage your social media pages , handle feedback, give insights and do competitor analysis based on SWOT and PESSLE projections. We handle posting, creation of content, responding to clients and creation of tools to be posted.

On website management, for brands with no websites, we create responsive websites/apps based on your needs. We advise on the best url and domain formation and content creation

For existing websites, we perform metrics and analysis, we revamp websites that fall below the desirable threshold.

We also evaluate Search Engine Optimization rankings , perform optimization and Suggest keywords

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We design Communication tools for your business ranging from online communication assets to physical assets . This could be flyers, posters to Newsletters which will be used in the brand communication

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Feedback & Evaluation

We handle feedback and perform time to time evaluations  to ensure we attain and surpass the objectives.

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Competitor Analysis

We analyze your performance against that of your competitors. From SEO rankings, web performance, Social Media performance and Key Words.